End of Oud

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  1. bhanny

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    Kruger, great post, top to bottom. I assume the oud that has you, and Ensar, obsessed is Chugoku Senkoh? And the bolded line really resonates to me.
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  2. Tuff

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    Is it me or does it seem like Kruger is the ultimate Yoda, with almost everything he says.
    "Experienced, You Are Not. MMMMMM?"
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  3. Rai Munir

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    "The End of the World" by Alistair McCartney (2001)
    "The End of the World" by Emily Jeannee Miller (2017)

    Of course, it WILL, but not IS. The same is true to Oud, Sandal and, of course, Musk. Hyperbolic expression is an integral part of poetic genius to highlight something. The more high the light is, the more the point is highlighted.
  4. bhanny

    bhanny Moderator Staff Member

    Oh yes! Spot on Tuff! Kruger = Yoda. Love it.
  5. Kruger

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    … Hence my green avatar :)

    PS: Here's some movie trivia worth repeating: The Jedi, their names, their practice, and the rest, have been heavily influenced by Sufism. Lucas borrowed liberally from Moroccon Sufi tradition, from the lone hero in the desert, to the brown-cloak Jedi wardrobe to the character and city names… down to the theme of the Force. Aaand.... guess why Yoda is green?
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  6. kesiro

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    He fell into the Port Moresby brew pot?
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  7. Kruger

    Kruger Active Member

    Is it that obvious? ;)
  8. bhanny

    bhanny Moderator Staff Member

    Just a bit. :). Don't want to derail the thread here. But what do you think it is that is so addictive?
  9. 5MeO

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    Great discussion!
    Any thoughts on the video? I thought the filmaker was very thoughtful and balanced in his inquiry - really enjoyed it..
    Any opinions on how primo the wood might actually be from that 200 year old tree at the monastery in Thailand?
    Opinions about the perfumer who uses aged (I gather animalic/barnyard stye) ouds in his perfumes or on the Agarwood Consulting company? I see Agarwood Consulting is offering a 50.9g chunk of sinking purple kinam to the highest bidder - anyone wan to go in on this with me? I'm good for like, .5g of it :p
  10. Kruger

    Kruger Active Member

    I also thought the video offered a more realistic portrayal of the oud scene than most. But there are some question marks raised throughout, like that kinam sells for $10,000 / gr. (If someone knows more about this, please share.)

    I don’t want to step on any toes here, but aside from our own bad experiences, Adam quite diplomatically mentioned that he’s also had unfortunate run-ins with the two guys featured in the video.

    I’ve visited that tree many times and there’s likely some killer resin in there but unless age alone triggers the formation of kinam, I doubt it contains any.

    I don't know if it’s still like that but the only legal way to get any wood from it is to claim a piece that fell to the ground. Because of this, people used to basically camp under the tree hoping for a piece to fall into their lap. This was before they had police guards. There’s even a little altar to offer flowers and burn incense in hopes of you being the chosen one to strike it lucky. I actually had one such piece…… but only about the size of my finger :( (non-sinking, I checked!).

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  11. MzM15

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    This is really interesting, did he really say this somewhere that he took his inspiration from Sufi tradition?
    Also, why is Yoda green? Khidr?
  12. Steel Hyaena

    Steel Hyaena Active Member

    One of the most critically-important supporting characters in my novel is Sufi. He is also Indonesian and is likely how my protagonist came to learn of agarwood in the first place.

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