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  1. Feroz

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    Hello esteemed forum members!

    Our company, uh*Roh*Muh is located in No. VA and we offer a decent range of Essential and Carrier oils including non-artisan Agarwood oil and 3 genus of Sandalwood Oil. We are quality conscience company and take pride in selling quality oil with money back guarantee. Our company was just launched 6 months ago, therefore not every essential oil is in stock at the moment but we are hoping we'll add many more oils down the road as we get requests from our customers.

    If you want to try our East India Sandalwood or Assam Agarwood oil then you have an opportunity to buy it at a very reasonable price in United States, we also ship to Canada, France and U.K. We'll be open to shipping to other countries but please contact us first because of the cost of shipping is sometimes very high.

    We are offering 10% discount to Gaharu members, please use Gaharu10off to get discounts on any items from our website. We hope to see you at our website and don't hesitate to ask us any questions.
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  2. Tabrez Parkar

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    Hearty Congrats to you Feroz for new company and wish best luck. I had gone through your website, and tried to placed order unfortunately I couldn't because of country selection as I reside in Kuwait. I might be migrating to Australia, and were planning to start such business, but I have no idea how to start up and all other requirement to start. I would appreciate if you could share some tips about new startup.
  3. Feroz

    Feroz New Member

    Thanks @Tabrez Parkar ! I haven't enabled shipping to Kuwait, I can if you are interested but the shipping cost from United States is usually high and not all oils can be shipped via postal service esp. if it's hazardous in nature. PM me for tips, it's a long journey that does not seem it'll ever end so keep in mind before you decide to jump in and the amount of investment needed is quite a chunk :).

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