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Discussion in 'Artisan's Talk' started by Taha, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. kesiro

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    Professor PEARL has spoken and we are all that much smarter. Well done ol' chap! I not only second, but third your observations. I would also include Lavanya with those two. The DNA is very similar IMO. I personally find these oleoresin emphasis oils extremely compelling and certainly crazy addictive. They have certainly expanded my olfactory horizon. There is some serious craftsmanship going on, not to mention that the wood had to be great.
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    Awesome analysis my fine feathered friend. As usual. I greatly enjoy your posts.
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    A post most excellent
    Say I, if I may dare,
    But one additional observation -
    If you, to hear, would care

    Surprised be not, at the virility of she
    Whose name is Lalitya: like Federer she may well be -
    His strokes are fine and graceful, such precision indeed is rare,
    But take notice also of his encroaching body hair.

    Nor fall ye prey to the false belief
    That the Senkoh is solely masculine relief
    For Nadal's blistering battles with bouldered swinging arms
    Are accompanied by a woman's care to countless lucky charms!

    These notions you have grasped, my dear friend Pearlito,
    A mere reminder this is, to reiterate what you know:
    As man is in woman, and as woman is in man
    So it can be with Yoda and an aspiring Padawan.
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    b'oudsta rhymes has got it going on!
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  5. Tuff

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    How on earth did you get a video of me experiencing Oud for the first time!?
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    Watch this guy try oud for the first time during the second half of the video. The oud sampling starts at 3:25 . And be prepared to LULZ very hard.

    P.S. Too bad he didn't try the 80's version of Grey Flannel before '88, the violet note is amazing before they had to stop using it. Speaking of which, I missed a shitload of good stuff that sold out in the few weeks I was gone. :/
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  8. Taha

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    Million-dollar question for you all...

    Do you enjoy more 'dramatic' oils, or 'fuller' oils?
    I would define dramatic as having a more prominent contrast between the top notes and base notes, and define fuller as being more 'stuffed' in the middle.
    Mind you, 'fuller' does NOT necessarily mean auxiliary notes (although it usually does), rather for the purposes of my question its in comparison to 'dramatic', namely: the top-to-base contrast is toned down more. Smoothed out, if you will.

    Both dramatic as well as fuller profiles are possible with high grade as well as low grade wood. And oleoresin-centric as well as auxiliary-oomphed oils.
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  9. kesiro

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    I am all about the drama my friend. :D
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  10. Taha

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    When you're pulling an espresso shot, you can increase the yield by making the grind coarser. Within the same 25-35 second pull time, you'll get more volume, more flavor, more intensity...
    ...but also more bitterness, more sourness, more weirdness... and other stuff getting extracted which is less-than optimal.

    With oud, its the same. There are ways to boost the yield the conventional way, but this method pulls out much of (what I consider) the less-desirable compounds. I'm almost certain that's the stuff Ensar was referring to in his CPC post in the Cambodi Musings thread.
    This is the stuff that gives oud oils the illusion of 'fullness'. Well, I shouldn't say illusion, because there are indeed those added compounds that make it to the final product, the oil.
    Of course, if done right, "fuller" oils can smell pretty awesome too. Its usually a matter of taste (it so happens I enjoy sushi, and the occasional biryani too). ;)

    Speaking of CPC, its uncanny Ensar went over those points in his post. I actually had a blog post written up (and already proof-read by our sheriff) which talks about the very same topic, I'll be publishing that along with my next product release.

    @kesiro, I'm with you on more dramatic. ;)
    Curious to know what everyone else enjoys!
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  11. Rasoul S

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    Indeed. Why is that?
  12. Oudamberlove

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    The volatile top notes during the initial heating may mask the underlying woody notes, if you allow them to clear-out then cut the heat, you get a chance to capture those secondary notes when you reheat the wood.

    With Oud oil, some top notes also have a masking effect. I noticed it when I tried some blending.
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