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    Ok. Ill be back for sure and contribute more than few times to this thread. Too bad we can't do oud vs single malt combo posts on this forum. Or can we? Most members from what I gather seem to be practicing Muslims. Enough people give me the go ahead and ll start us off.

    For this evening i took @Taha suggestion and doing a tie guan yin "emperorrs delight" Brew in my yishing clay pot saved for tgy teas only. I have 3 pots. One for puer and other for more advanced oolongs like phneix or da hong pao. And the oil to go with it:
    Two scents one on each wrist.

    1) left wrist. Fav wrist. New oil I just received other day: Taha's au luong (green thru and thru wild cambodi) that taha describes the profile as unusualy dominant with tea notes. Not any tea: Medium oxidized light roast prolonged steep tea. I read this and thought tie guan yin 4-5th steep. But actually after applying a swipe i think is more of a flowery bitter -not fruity- Phoenix. It Wasnt the most synergistic pairing but it would have still worked if the damn right wrist hadn't come out to play.

    2) @Ensar jing shen lu. The more subtle, polite, restrained quality of jsl won the pairing with tieguanyin this evening.

    Note to self: less is more. Dont do the two scent comparison. One will always by default outshine (show off) the other. The mind (my mind) goes into competition and tries to declare a winner

    An hour after: now jsl is suffering in comparison. The strength and outward personality of au luong makes jsl come across as subdued after going left wrist to right. Definitely no more double oil fight night. Waste of precious oil and humbly disrespectful to the artist that painfully created it.
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    Oud and fine spirits would be an excellent contribution. Single malts are indeed lovely but blends can be just as good right up to the £500 mark in my opinion and don't even get me started on fine rums, cognac etc.

    It just dawned on me that some of the more floral Ouds may marry very well with a semillion, a hindi with sherry and cognac with the kinam heavy hitters.

    As regards the appropriateness of such a thread, why not? There are people of all faiths and none here as this is not a faith forum but an Oud forum.

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