Shoyeido "Kodutu" Portable Incense heater

Discussion in 'Kodo Corner: The Wood' started by m.arif, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. m.arif

    m.arif Active Member

    Hi guys. anyone had experience with this portable battery operated heater?

    From some reviews I read, among the drawbacks :

    1. It automatically turns off after 3 minutes
    2. it eats up batteries (fairly quick I guess?)
    3. Some say they smell slight whiffs of burnt plastic.
  2. kooolaid79

    kooolaid79 Moderator Staff Member

    wow never heard of a battery operated heater before. I have a portable butane gas one but never came across a battery operated one.
  3. m.arif

    m.arif Active Member

    @kooolaid79 Now that's a first for me hearing about butane gas incense burner. Haha

    Here's the shoyeido portable one (the one with the plug costs almost three times more. "Kodachi" )
    The advantages are :

    - It's portable. easy for travel.
    - no worries of overheating wood I think

    Here's a vid of kyarazen using the kodutu heater.
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  4. hasans1412

    hasans1412 New Member

    Blimey, 3 mins is not bad when you consider the one I got recently, nice and small, fits in the pocket, high temperature adjustable but only switches on for 30 secs and it's off again. I'm like what's the point for 30 secs??? Who made that burner, I need to grab hold of him/ her and ask what have you been doing!!! o_O
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  5. m.arif

    m.arif Active Member

    I wonder if there's a simple tweak that can be done to remove the "limiter" for time. But perhaps then, there's the risk of the setup being unable to withstand the prolonged heating?
  6. hasans1412

    hasans1412 New Member

    True, I do plan on opening the inside to have look but must say I'm quite scared having blown a potable charger trying to connect to an LED lights wired to a motion sensor clips few months back :D

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  7. m.arif

    m.arif Active Member

    First time seeing something like that. :eek: Stay safe. you dont want to lose any fingers!
  8. Jinkoh Joe

    Jinkoh Joe New Member

    The heating element looks similar to the heating element on battery powered "flame-less" cigarette lighters. I may have to buy one of those lighters and try mounting it with a mica plate. Not sure about the element size. The Kodutu heater has a classy simple look to it.
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  9. m.arif

    m.arif Active Member

    Well I finally got a Kodutu, my friend brought it back from Japan. works really nice for a quick incense fix. They even gave some sandalwood granules, which I assume are Mysore. Generally good for personal appreciation. not suitable to scent a room IMO. Plus, it has an auto cut off function (3 minutes).

    Useful for travel. Atleast now I can do gentle heating without much hassle and it definitely has increased my appreciation of precious wood :)
  10. m.arif

    m.arif Active Member

    Indeed. a friend in the vape business did look at it and was thinking of a few variations to modify the vape mods into incense heaters. did you succeed in trying anything @Jinkoh Joe ? very sorry I didnt notice a reply!
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  11. Jinkoh Joe

    Jinkoh Joe New Member

    I have not tried anything yet, as I got distracted by a hard drive failure on my PC. I still intend to check those out, now that you reminded me. LOL I did find something new, at least to me, which was a portable handheld bakhoor on ebay (search "portable incense"). Ad says it works with wood incense. I believe it's a small metal cup made onto a butane lighter. You have to click the lighter off and on to control the heat which sounds a little clunky. Not nearly as classy as the Kodutu heater.
  12. OudCraver

    OudCraver New Member

    I used a couple portable ones before, but battery never lasts long nor power the chip to heat up enough to enjoy the oud/oil. A friend of mine just came across one wire censer on ETSY, and he's thrilled about it after he received it. I think wire heater always works better than portable ones.

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