Sturdy glass bottles vs. High recovery V-vials

Discussion in 'Bottle Types, Storage & Aging' started by PEARL, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. kooolaid79

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  2. hainss

    hainss New Member

    Did someone have an experience with the cristal bottle from Agar aura?
    That's a good one, or that's better to take the standard one?
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  3. Nikhil S

    Nikhil S Active Member

    Always go for a thick glass bottle. Like the crystal bottles of agaraura. If it is precious oil or attar. A thick glass will ensure that light gets refracted and also the temp remains low. Many option is available online.
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  4. Sapphire

    Sapphire New Member

    What would be the best way to decant Oud oils from sturdy bottles to small V vials for personal use or safe keep?

    It will be helpful if the steps can be detailed out.
  5. kesiro

    kesiro Moderator Staff Member

    I guess it may depend on how small of a v-vial you are referring to. If it is a vey small size, I would probably use the applicator stick and do it drop by drop. May take a few minutes but safe and controlled. I have also transferred some 3ml sturdy bottles to 3 ml v-vials by just pouring them. There will be a little loss, although no different if you use up a full sturdy bottle over time.
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  6. Ashfaque

    Ashfaque New Member

    Another way of transferring very small amount of precious liquid would be to use those 1 ml insulin syringes with 1/100 ml graduation. I regularly use them whilst mixing my film development chemicals where I need to be very precise for consistent film development. FYI, some pharmacies/chemists may not sell you those if they think you'll be using them for dodgy purposes!
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  7. Use pipettes way safer for spillage
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  8. Rasoul S

    Rasoul S Member

    dear @Oud Learner i have been tossing and turning and emailing all the suppliers with their suggestions on hwo to prolong the life of the many samples i have that some are only 0.2ml or even 0.1 ml now. your solution is definitely one that makes most sense. i also think i will follow suit and re-distribute oils i get in 3ml or 2.5 ml format to 2-3 smaller vials. some tucked away for the long haul and one for current use. could you share where i can purchase the smaller vials in north america? many thnx
  9. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Well-Known Member

    Hello Rasoul S
    Here are some options to consider

    JG Finneran 4100-830 Borosilicate Glass Shell Vials, 750L Capacity, 8mm Diameter, 30mm Height, 8mm Plug, Clear (Case of 1000)

    And the caps to go along with it

    JG Finneran 5400SB-08 Polyethylene Starburst Snap Plug, 8mm Diameter, Clear (Case of 1000)

    However, if filled to the cap, there will still be a little oxygen/airspace remaining within the cap itself.

    If you prefer much less oxygen/airspace, a V Vial, high recovery vial, or limited volume vial, and all filled to the brim, then affixed with a screw-on cap, is the way to go.
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  10. Rasoul S

    Rasoul S Member

    dear @Oudamberlove ty for your reply. anywhere you know i may be able to source smaller quantities? even a 100 is too many. 50? i think v vial filled to the brim is the way to go. my intention is to seperate oils i get in 3 mil into 2 or 3 smaller vials. one for long haul, one for current consumption and perhaps one for mid term. my search online has only tuned up listings for rather large min quantity purchase...
  11. Oud Learner

    Oud Learner Active Member

    @Rasoul S
    You can get all the vials you need from the following:

    In addition, the 0.1ml v vial does not come with solid cap. You need to buy them separately if mind the open hole cap. I had gotten mine from Amazon but you could get them from CP lab as well. Take note that the vial cap size is 8-425.

    V-vial is not cheap and is about $10 per vial. Curt (oudamberlove) option is a lot cheaper.
  12. Rasoul S

    Rasoul S Member

    @oudlearner sincere thanks for your guidance. @Oud Learner
  13. RobertOne

    RobertOne Well-Known Member

    It's pure Argon gas.

    A tiny spray into a bottle will immediately halt oxidation. Note that upon each opening you will have to spray again but one bottle is good for roughly 200 sprays.

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