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  1. George

    George New Member

    Everyone knows that Frankincense and Myrrh are the epitome of resins, as Aloeswood and Sandalwood are for woods. But what exactly is the rarest or most sought after Floral scent? Is it Jasmine, Lotus, Kewda, Rose, etc? Aside from Oudh and Santal oils, I also feel pure Musk, i.e. black musk, is something to be appreciated. Aside from Oudh pure black Musk is quite pricey. Anyway, I just always wondered what is the pinnacle of floral scents, in other words which floral scent(s), if any, are sought after the way precious woods and musk sources are?
  2. RobertOne

    RobertOne Well-Known Member

    Welcome, George!

    To my very limited knowledge Damask Rose is indeed the most precious floral scent in the perfumery of the Levant, however worldwide Champaca and Fragipani are most revered for perfumery.

    The costliest theraputic essential oil is Immortelle, the best of which is Corsican. It apparently smells like ham baked in brown sugar and is immensely valued as a skin rejuvenating oil, like Argan oil to the 2nd power.

    Hope this helps?
  3. George

    George New Member

    Thanks, I had a feeling Damask Rose or Taifi Rose was it, but I never even heard of Immortelle. Interesting thanks.
  4. George

    George New Member

    nothing like Ruh Khus
  5. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    I believe there is no Ultimate Floral note… just as there is no Ultimate type of Oud, or ultimate wood/resin/animalic note...
    In my opinion its all about people putting their personal preference above all… yet it has nothing to do with the quality , purity and how rare and valuable the essence is.
    Pure oud oil can be found at 5$ ( or less ) to 5 000 $ ( or more ) per gram… (the one at being 5$ the lowest quality, badly cooked and the most common and the one at 5000$ cooked nicely, unique and extremely rare… )
    same with the rose, jasmine, orange blossom or any other floral essence… each can come from many different origins… there are plenty of different grades, types all cooked differently… the value and rarity can vary hugely… each type, however has its value and one simply must find the perfect application for it.
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  6. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra Active Member

    Well said brother Adam! I was wondering though, as some people claim the best of Oud to be Kyara/Kinam, and some people claim the best of Sandalwood to be black meat Mysuru from Centennial mother trees (correct me if I'm wrong, I just guessed), what would be the ultimate floral in retrospect? Possibly Blue Lotus? That'd be my best guess!
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  7. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Well-Known Member

    Blue Lotus is divine, I've got some in a deep Mysore sandalwood oil. But Rose is great too. It would be nice to experience Artisanally distilled florals. Most stuff on ebay isn't at that level.
  8. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    You rightly said that they “claim”, “believe” , "estimate"…
    As we seen on another thread Kyara can go for different price depending on its demand , supply and availability…
    Does it mean that it is truly hold that value??? Well… only those who BUY or NOT BUY it can tell you… and they will have different opinions of course… each one is justified according to their views…
    So yeh… There is NO true ULTIMATE FLORAL ingredient…
    However, if one would just make a comparison with most expensive and rare oud called kyara, the floral might be a violet flower absolute…
    This the first thing that comes to mind as there is that mystical cloud around it… I mean in terms of the story behind it.
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  9. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    at Oudamberlove…
    yeh, we are branching out cooking different ingredients and I hope soon to craft some absolutes as well.
    However, I most likely will use it for my perfume line and not offer in its pure form.
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  10. George

    George New Member

    blue lotus absolute is very powdery in aroma, psychoactive properties as well.
  11. Feroz

    Feroz New Member

    Really? I though the most preferred Immortelle for therapeutic use is Italicum but you are absolutely right on Rosa Damascena, it's most expensive and precious among florals.
  12. Rasoul S

    Rasoul S Member

    i actually find blue lotus least floral of the lotuses. pink but more so red lotus (soma) are out of this world floral.
  13. Ensar

    Ensar Well-Known Member

    Where do you source your lotuses from?
  14. Rasoul S

    Rasoul S Member

    indian essential oil maker source. i source locally from a place called Durga here in vancouver. no brand. seller buys bulk from his sources.

    pls note all my references to blue, pink, red and black lotus is from the one single source above. although i do have your blue lotus perfume too.

    for what is worth: blue lotus to me is more grounding, more pond/algea/vegetation scent while still clearly floral, but less sweet and has effects of anapurna black lotus (when red lotus is decaying...). pink lotus is sweetest, then red, then white, then blue.
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  15. RobertOne

    RobertOne Well-Known Member

    You are quite right about var. Italicum being noted for it's healing properties, I meant to state that of all the growing locations Corsica is to Immortelle (var. Italicum) what Champagne is for grapes.

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