Filipino agarwood - Agar Aura

Discussion in 'Kodo Corner: The Wood' started by 5MeO, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. 5MeO

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    A rare treat - high grade agarwood from the Philippines! The unheated wood has an epic dark woody scent to it, like an exotic hardwood cabinet shop or something.. Heated this brings a whirlwind of notes - earthy, floral, green/jungle - the green/jungle notes are quite pronounced in the the bit I tried.. Very potent and dynamic scent.. Overall a superb and unique example of a rare agarwood - thanks Taha!
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  2. kesiro

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    I have hear about this stuff Josh. Awesome you got to try some! Now if we can only get some oils for this stuff!
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  3. Adam

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    Just visited Taha and seen/heated that wood. Thick solid pieces fully resinated and dense. Grand father trees =)
    Oh man, amazing experience, definitely a must for all kodo/smoke house/volcano session lovers.
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