How to easily open EO sample vials?

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  1. Though I appreciated how fail-safe the seeming military-grade security is for my first samples ever, is there a non-painful way to get the applicator out?

    So far, I have managed by digging the side bit into my thumb and pushing out (ouch) while bracing the bottle in the other hand, but this also gets oil on my fingers and is very unreliable and slow.

  2. JohnH

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    Hi, the easiest way I have to open sample vials is to hold the vial near horizontal and with one thumb near the top of vial and the other gripping the cap. Then, rather than trying to pull the cap off, push the vial and cap gently downwards, like snapping a twig, give a bit of a twist and the cap should ease out. I used to worry that this might break the vial but it's been fine so far, hope that all makes sense!
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  3. Royal Bengal Oud

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    Same here , Wiggle it out , and also with my EO samples , if you want to scrap the last bit of oil I use wood BBQ stick for Kababs , goes in an gets all the oil and you can smere on hand , if you are Ghetto like I am , I take Sun flower oil and put some in empty vial and shake and also leave in hot water for 40 seconds so scent melts with the oil and you got more but with same scent profile
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  4. Much appreciated fellas. :)

    PS: Why can I not keep Assam 3000 and Tigerwood 1995 away from my nose after applying? I keep inhaling my finger every 2-3 minutes. :D
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  5. Especially Assam 3000, I seem to have skin that makes the base predominate througout the entire profile, with all other notes lurking in the back.

    So, Assam 3000 on my skin is basically the smell of deliciously narcotic and pungent oud incencense wood and the spicy smoke that accompanies it...

    Well, I'm not complaining! I get Assam 'Royale' for only $550 a bottle!

    On the flipside, this means that my medicinal samples mostly smell of kyara.

    Anybody want to trade skin? :D
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  6. Simla House

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    I would say the easiest way to open the vials is with a slight twist and gentle upward wiggle, but really the best way is to just buy a 3gr bottle ;)
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  7. @Simla House: If you know of a magicalbplace where a university student can purchase four full bottles of EO at once, please find me a job their. ;D
  8. Simla House

    Simla House Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain, brother.
    All I can suggest is to embrace fakir-level minimalism, and realize how much bigger your flat will be once you've sold off everything to fund your oud collection!
  9. Lol.
    I should sell the organs I can live without.

    Appendix, tonsils, spleen, gallbladder, one kidney, one eye, wisdom teeth, part of liver, and...

    Not my nose, I need to smell the beautiful oud. :)

    BTW, there is little in my apartment (aka flat), so selling it would maybe buy 2 bottles. :)

    Also, I have a job too. :D
  10. kooolaid79

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    All of the above is doable in a person's mind but in reality it might me difficult. :D
    There is however something which we can all do and that is ask Allah (SWT) to give us more. For him to grant us all Tawfeeq (ability) to smell something that was beloved to His Beloved (S.A.W)
    To use this beloved creation of his to help us get closer to Him in the best of ability.
    What better time of the year to ask then, now and the coming of the Holy month of Ramadan.
    May the Almighty grant us all His true pleasure and grant us all a lot of beautiful Oudh to keep us closely connected to Him.
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